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Foreign Affairs Magazine

Foreign Affairs Magazine

Foreign Affairs (FA) is a magazine focused on international relations and U.S. foreign policy. It is published by the Council on Foreign Relations, a nonpartisan membership organisation and think tank that specialises in these areas. The print magazine was established on September 15, 1922 and is currently published every two months. The website publishes articles on a daily basis and anthologies every other month.

Foreign Affairs is widely recognised as a highly influential foreign policy publication in the United States. Throughout its extensive history, the magazine has released numerous influential articles, such as the 1947 publication of George Kennan’s “X Article” and Samuel P.’s works. “The Clash of Civilisations” by Huntington was published in 1993.

The Council has been publishing Foreign Affairs since 1922, which is considered the most influential publication in America concerning international affairs and foreign policy.

Foreign Affairs Gift Subscription

Foreign Affairs Gift Subscription
Gifting Foreign Affairs Magazine Subscription

A FA subscription is the perfect gift for anyone who is interested in international relations and foreign policy. For a modest sum, subscribers gain access to the magazine’s print and digital content. This includes an extensive archive of past issues, plus access to exclusive web-only content such as videos, podcasts, and blogs by renowned experts. Subscribers also receive invitations to Council on Foreign Relations

The magazine serves as a prominent international platform for new ideas, analysis, and debate on significant global issues. Articles published in Foreign Affairs have a significant impact on political discourse for extended periods of time.

FA is recognised as a significant platform for discussion among scholars and policy makers. In 1996, Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott observed that many individuals in the government’s foreign policy and national security sector paid close attention to Foreign Affairs.

The journal received a 2014 impact factor of 2.009, placing it 6th among 85 journals in the “International Relations” category, as reported by the Journal Citation Reports.

Whom can you gift a Foreign Affairs Subscription ?

A subscription to an international relations magazine is a suitable gift for someone who wants to stay informed about global events, politics, economics, and diplomacy. Possible recipients could be:

  1. Your loved ones studying international relations, political science, or related disciplines.
  2. Your loved ones employed in governmental positions, international organisations, or non-governmental organisations.
  3. People who have a general interest in global affairs.
  4. Individuals who engage in frequent travel or have previous experience living overseas may desire to maintain awareness of international developments.
  5. Individuals with an interest in international relations or a desire to expand their knowledge of global issues, whether they be friends or family members. Many whom we know would like to be updated with whats happening internationally.

Give the Gift of Insight with a Foreign Affairs Subscription by clicking on the link below. This is for the residents of United States of America (USA).

Where to buy foreign affairs magazine ?

You can buy it online by clicking on the below image or visit directly to buy a digital subscription.

Foreign Affairs Magazine
Foreign Affairs Magazine

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I have been reading FA mag for a very long time and I have really benefitted from it since I was completing my Post Grad in Defense and Strategic Studies in 2003. 

Many have asked me about the best Foreign Relations Magazine and I have recommended Foreign Affairs always. A few days ago a young student was trying to look for Foregin affairs or foreign affars on the internet, I helped him in finding the right link as he is spelling was incorrect. 

I must say that this is the best and detailed journal foreign affairs. 

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