Chinese Economic Espionage in the United States of America – Part 2

Chinese Espionage

Action by the United States of America against Chinese Economic Espionage 


Chinese Economic Espionage
Chinese Economic Espionage

Then-President Barack Obama’s administration announced that they were developing a few sanctions against Chinese entities and a few individuals for intellectual property (IP) theft. So the sanctions process and the indictments influenced Sino-American relations during those days.

President Biden signed a new law named, ‘Protecting American Intellectual Property Act of 2022’. The requirements state that the periodic reports will be sent to Congress, identifying any “foreign persons” who are found to have engaged in theft of trade secrets from a U.S. person. The act also includes unleashing sanctions.

The act includes all nations whose is responsible for IP theft from time to time, but Sen. Chris Van Hollen’s press statement clearly indicated that China is the primary intended target of this new Act.

At the moment, the US has put sanctions on 136 Chinese nationals and 286 Chinese entities. Some of these people have been accused of stealing intellectual property from the US.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has a dedicated page for the, ‘Chinese Threat’ on their website for Counter Intelligence & Economic Espionage. You can visit that page by clicking this link:

The FBI’s Counterintelligence Department is looking for 59 people, and 14 of them are from China. This says a lot about Chinese illegal activities in the USA.

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